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Top 10 Tips for Maximizing the Potential of Your AI Presentation Maker

Asif Ahmed | 9 May, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has paved its way to the top of the spectrum and many of us are taking full advantage of it and excelling in what we do in our daily lives, making it easier for us to become more productive and let the AI presentation builder take the load from us.

However, some of us need some polishing in terms of utilizing this AI presentation tool in terms of reaching its full potential and meeting our requirements.

Today, we will give you all the juicy details to give your AI-based presentation the boost it needs for you to stand out from the crowd.

Introduction to AI Presentation

For those of you who are still unaware of this magical creature, you must start your journey today and get hands-on experience in creating exceptionally attractive slides with AI.

An AI tool basically uses algorithms, language processors, and visuals to integrate the given data in the form of texts, images, or information and adds its own element in the form of graphs, charts, thematic options, colors, and many more!

It takes all the information you provide and delivers carefully articulated, eye-catchy, and fulfilling AI-generated ppt slides.

Let’s take a look at all the essentials needed in creating a potentially maximized AI presentation.

Keep it Simple and Concise

There’s nothing that can stop your audience from scrolling through their phones if your slides are elaborate, complex, and too much to read. Your text should always be in bullet points and in a language familiar to the audience (technical or nontechnical).

Keep in mind that your text must be in a font that is easily readable; a background color that doesn’t block it, it should be large enough for people at the back to be able to read it, and there should be 2 or 3 colors defining the whole template.

You need to establish one idea at a time per slide. Mixing up ideas and finishing off the presentation in just 5 slides will do you more harm than good.

Make it Visually Appealing

Don’t add too many colors to your theme. Be consistent with the chosen colors and let them lead till the end. Also, you should try and read your slides in a dark room before presenting to make sure the color contrast between the color of the font and its background does not eliminate any element of readability.

Choose a theme that is automatically appealing. For example, if you are presenting to a group of mothers, it would be wise to use natural tones like pink, pastels, and greens. However, if it’s the launch of a beer campaign that too during the night, you can go for a strong visual aspect as using black, brown, purple, or grey but be sure to align them in a way that they are understandable.

Add Graphics and Images

Adding visuals like graphs, bars, charts, high-definition images, audio, and videos will give your audience a better understanding of what you are trying to say and also give you time to be prepared for further slides.

However, don’t luggage all the visuals on one slide. Keep them coming one at a time with a few text slides in between. You can discuss statistics in the form of graphs and introduce new concepts using charts.

Be Consistent

Adding animations after each slide is well and good until you start mixing them up for each one of them. If you want your audience to engage with you during your sessions, then be prevalent in what you are presenting.

It can be annoying seeing an array of stars on one AI slide template and the whole slide turning upside down followed by a circular motion. Pick something that’s innovative and stick with it to the end.

Be Narrative

Everyone likes a good story, and linking with the people during your AI presentation will bring out the most success. People like to relate. Include personal experiences while talking about your product, research, or training session. It is going to help the audience get a better idea of your main concern.

Don’t forget the enthusiasm in between these stories. You will not be able to get anyone’s attention by talking slowly, walking around in corners, and using a voice that seems like a call from the dead. Be fluent in what you are saying, make sure you are loud enough to be heard by the people farther in the room, and clear at pronouncing words.

Also, you should be able to make eye contact with them at all times. It instills authority and confidence over the audience allowing them to believe your statements.

Target Your Audience

It is absolutely crucial for a person to know who is going to be in the audience to even start curating their presentation. The audience is what matters most. You should be knowledgeable of the audience’s age group, ethnicity, profession, and likes or dislikes.

Certainly, a group of businessmen who wants to hear your pitch about the company’s competence are different from a group of teenagers being taught about the harms of drug usage. You need to be efficient in the remarks you make and the information you provide.

Use Comedic Gestures

One of the most important AI Presentation Tips is to include comedy in your narratives and visuals. It is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. A good laugh never hurts anyone and also keeps the conversation fresh and energetic with each joke.

Be sure to add humor relevant to your topic and not just add it for the sake of it. You can also include some activities that will kick boredom out the window and make your audience hooked till the end.

Rehearse multiple times!

Practice is the key to success. And how can you go in a public setting and speak without going through it even once? You should rehearse in front of the mirror using different gestures and facial expressions.

You should be able to present fluently, it will leave a bad impact if you stutter, forget the material, or just take a very long pause while you look through your notes to remember what to say next.

But you should also be keen on ending the AI-based presentation within the given time limit so it doesn’t seem like a drag and loses the interest of your audience.

Take Feedback

Even if your AI PowerPoint presentation is a big success, don’t forget to ask for feedback from your audience and organizers in the end. Remember, criticism whether it is negative or positive goes a long way.

The whole point of getting feedback is to improve in the future, it will give you more ideas to present effectively and add or remove some aspects from your presentation on AI.

Promote your work!

After your work is done, you shouldn’t just leave the AI presentation in your desktop files, never to be seen by anyone else. You can use WeSlides to not only curate impacting presentations but also upload it to SlideShare. Get your content to circulate amongst peers and professional colleagues!

You can post the link on your social media pages and keep adding more Ai based presentations on the platform to get noticed.


At WeSlides you can get the maximum out of the Ai presentation builder because it allows you to pro-create expert-designed presentations with its special premium slides offered for free! It will expand your limitations and put to use all the AI presentation tips given above.

One must be updated with the latest trends, informative about the preferences of the audience, and well-absorbed into what they are about to present in order for it to become worthy of attention.


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