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How to create a corporate PowerPoint template with AI

Asif Ahmed | 13 June, 2023


The corporate world is a whole new and exciting but sometimes tiring journey for an individual. In this landscape, a corporate PowerPoint template becomes a key tool for success. Someone who is stuck with sales pitches, business ideas, marketing strategies, and company proposals is always in search of new and attractive ways to make their presentations worthy of attention. It is in these moments that a well-designed corporate PowerPoint template can truly shine, giving each presentation a unique touch that captures the audience's focus.

This is where WeSlides comes in, helping you and your team generate an effective, alluring, informative, and schematic corporate PowerPoint template in just a few clicks.

You can use an AI-generated presentation for anything and everything but when it comes to business organizations, you need to make sure to make an impact. And that is why you should have some tricks up your sleeve to make sure you hit your target goal!

What is a corporate PowerPoint template?

A corporate structure PowerPoint template is an essential part of presenting your ideas in meetings, conferences, sales pitches, and internal or external business communication. Having a corporate PowerPoint template at hand can streamline the process, creating a consistent template for you to utilize. It effectively presents your keynotes or goals in a visually appealing manner with the help of text, images, charts, and relevant data, all embedded within the corporate PowerPoint template.

The core difference between a business idea presentation and a corporate PowerPoint template.

The answer lies within the purpose of both. A business idea presentation can also be a corporate PowerPoint presentation but it’s not necessary for a corporate PowerPoint template to always circle around new business projects.

A business idea presentation is mainly used to introduce new business projects and keynotes to an audience according to their preferences and likes. However, corporate PowerPoint templates are specifically designed to adhere to the company’s logo, color schemes, and standardized design elements.

While using an AI for presentations you can pick new frameworks or layouts to kick-start your idea. However, when you design corporate PowerPoint templates, you need to stick by the visual blueprint of the existing template and then pro-create new strategies or present data while maintaining visual consistency, reinforcing the company's brand identity, and saving time.

Types of different corporate PowerPoint templates that can be generated through AI.

There are so many presentations that can be addressed by a top-notch AI presentation maker. Although you can alter each template for a specific purpose keeping in mind the company’s originality.


You can keep track of your social media campaigns, sales performances, or customer care studies by creating a template that includes sections on marketing objectives, pricing analysis, guidelines on maintaining the brand’s quality, and performance metrics. You can also add these features to a new product launch, a pitch to impress potential investors/sponsors, or a branding template where you define brand values.


Money matters and it matters even more when you need to present how you intend on spending or need the funding for new or ongoing prospects. Thus, you create a template that will highlight financial performances, constraints, mergers and acquisitions, forecasts, budget plans, and also highlight any assistance your team needs in managing all these factors.

Company Overview

Sometimes you need to develop missionary templates to give an introduction and summarization of your company’s goals, history, success, growth, services, products, achievements, and team members. It can be displayed at the entrance of your office building, or it could be a short introductory presentation assigned to you before a sales pitch.

This template is something that does not need a lot of changes to be made. You can always skim through it and add to your company’s achievements or tweak a bit of the color to refresh your branding ideas.

HR and training

Whether you need to propose new training techniques to present to employees or give tips and advice to new recruits, you can devise a template for all kinds of human resources.

Whether it's designing a corporate PowerPoint template or focusing on onboarding, recruitment, employee development, performance management, diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, succession planning, employee engagement, HR policies, compensation and benefits, workforce planning, or introducing employee wellness programs, it could be anything.

Business proposal

As suggested at the beginning of this blog, using an AI tool to generate ppt is the best form of saving your time and letting the AI presentation maker do its magic. Even though we are talking about corporate business ideas specifically, but you can also create such a template to further escalate your growing business needs and its branches.

Using a professionally designed corporate PowerPoint template, you can create specific slides for topics like the introduction, the problem, its solution, market pricing, resources needed, team members allocated, competitors’ analysis, success stories, benefits of your business, and your plan of action with a conclusion slide in the end.

Investor’s pitch

Most of the time you need to gain buyers, investors, and sponsors for your company’s product or services and that’s when you need an investor’s template read on the go.

To attract your investors and give them a clear idea of what you are aiming for, you can develop a template that includes everything about the business model, its yearly revenue, funding needed, target customers, roles of the team members, and the company’s overview.

How can I use AI to create a corporate PowerPoint template?

Weslides is a tool designed to streamline the creation of reusable slides for different presentation streams, such as marketing or finance. It allows users to craft a set of slides that establish the context, including introductions, history, and background information. Once these slides are created, they can be efficiently incorporated into multiple presentations within the same stream, significantly enhancing the ease of creating cohesive and contextually rich presentations.

Automatic design templates

You don’t have to pick each and every color and pair it with another one, all the while making sure the font is relevant to your logo or not. All of this becomes minute when you start using AI for PowerPoint presentation. It automatically decides and displays a variety of themes and layouts for you to choose from.

Gone are the days when you would be fixing fonts and making sure the text is aligned draining your time actually rehearsing the presentation.

Coherent color schemes

An AI tool will automatically generate a color scheme which is suitable for your company’s brand name or logo. It will give you advice based on the audience’s preferences and your target consumer’s age, habits of buying and psychological understanding of the product.

Some colors make you hungry, some make you want to shop, others instill peace while some strike tension. All of these are placed in such a way that derives an unconscious behavior from the consumer, so they always co-relate the color palette that you have chosen with your brand whenever they see it.

Strategic layouts

Introducing one topic at a time in a strategic manner is the key to grabbing the attention of your board members, investors or consumers etc. That is why the AI presentation maker develops such a corporate PowerPoint template that aligns all the necessary topics and their subtopics individually and orderly.

Attractive typography

One might think that using any other font than Arial or Calibri would be important or relevant to the idea being presented. You might be wrong. It is suggested that an attractive font incorporated with a strong color palette is the ultimate success to setting a tone for your company’s name.

Balancing your graphics and the text can be a sign of harmony, professionalism or conveying the message in a certain mood.

What are the benefits of using an AI-based presentation maker to create a corporate PowerPoint template?

There are multiple benefits of using an AI-based presentation maker to create consistent and well-defined corporate templates.

Improved Efficiency

Except for wasting your time adjusting the color schemes and making sure all the slides begin with capital letters and have bullet points in them. You also had to worry about completing our research in time before you could even begin thinking what the template would look like.

Luckily, Weslides not only comes up with factually correct research but also enhances it to your preferences while also allowing you to add and make changes to it.

Enhanced Visuals

An AI corporate template will give you all the types of graphic visuals you can add to develop a better understanding of your topic. However, you can level up your game by using AI technology to create a unique image of your own. You don’t need to pick out images from the internet or have a professional photoshoot costing you another set of finances. You can just pick a description and you will be amazed by the quality of results.

Time Saving

The ridiculous amount of time it takes to make sure all the paragraphs are aligned in a similar fashion while making sure each slide has the same amount of pink in it. It's quite devastating when you have the most interesting information on your hands, and it all goes unnoticed because you forgot to spell the heading correctly or some of your slides don’t have bullet points in them.

Leave all these problems to the presentation maker and focus on presenting the corporate PowerPoint presentation with confidence and command.

Easy to customize.

It can be a horrifying experience when you realize you messed up the whole color theme and now you don’t have any time left! What if you are presenting for a juice company that requires the template to have light colors of blue and orange, but you accidentally made ones with gray and purple?

Or what if you forgot to add the names of one of your team members and now, you’re worried, you won’t have enough space on the slide left? It could be so, that you haven’t added enough visuals in between the slides.

How do you tackle this problem without having to re-create another template? You simply use an AI-generated presentation. You can make all these changes on the go and not even mess with your previous hard work (or not maybe).

How can you incorporate your brand name into a corporate PowerPoint template?

There are a lot of useful ways to make your template look like it’s imprinted with your brand or logo.

  • Add the logo on the header and footer of each slide making it clearly visible throughout the presentation.
  • Make sure to apply the main colors of your brand consistently on each slide with respect to the graphics, visuals, and font types.
  • You should incorporate similar fonts and text sizes for each slide’s headings, sub-headings, and bullet points. It can also be similar to the typography used in your logo or brand name.
  • You can begin or shortly introduce the company’s brand name or logo on a separate slide where it is enlarged enough to be clearly visible to everyone present.
  • Other things include patterns, icons, or visual motifs which can be used sparingly throughout the presentation to subconsciously remind of the original logo.
Some ethical considerations in creating a corporate PowerPoint template.

Before starting any project, you need to consider ethical concerns and respect them in creating your final output. The same is while using AI tools to create such presentations.

  • Privacy and Data Protection

    You should always make sure that the data you are providing to the AI tool or website is safe from any third parties and it cannot be accessed without a password. You should always read on the terms and conditions mentioned on the website.

  • Intellectual Property

    Be sure to check that the information you are using is not someone’s intellectual property or can have potential copyright claims in the future.

  • Bias or Prejudice

    Since AI tools are trained with information provided to them by a human being, you can find traces of biasness in opinionated answers. You should always make sure that the data you are providing in no way harms the sentiments of the people present during your presentation and remove any un-ethical statements from your template before beginning.

Let AI take the load for you.

Why should you be wasting time on non-essential things when you can be spending it leveling up your game. You can be more productive when you let the AI presentation maker take the load for you.

Learn to work smarter not harder leaving you more room to excel and focus on more complex goals and solving the real problems at hand.


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