7 Steps to Generate Informative Presentations via AI Presentations Maker

weslidesDavid Lavalle | 14 July, 2023


Attention all educators and trainers!

As an entrepreneur, if you want to impress clients, win pitches, or close deals, discover the convenience of using AI to generate informative presentations.


If you are a researcher ready to present a breakthrough in science or humanity, transform your findings and insights into captivating presentations using the AI presentation maker.

Presenters are going crazy for AI presentation makers, because the informative slides are easy to make and communicate complex ideas and data.

Our team has researched 7 Steps to generate Informative Presentations using AI Presentation Maker.

Let’s dive in and see how simple it is!


Step 1: Identify your target audience and presentation goals

Understanding the purpose of the presentation is the first step to generate informative presentations. It will help to identify your target audience.

If you’re a researcher or analyst looking to inform or educate people, your target audience might be clients or students.

Utilize AI presentations to create aesthetically pleasing slides that clearly explain complex concepts.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to persuade or convince someone, executives might be your target audience. You can utilize AI to generate informative presentations that are both compelling and valuable.

If you’re trying to inspire or motivate people, your target market may be potential customers for a product or service. To visually communicate complex ideas and information and generate informative presentations, use instructive slides.

Advantages of identifying the target audience!

You can generate informative presentations by better understanding what key points and content to include now that you know your target audience. Other choices for presenting information may include long paragraphs of text or concise one-liners. Additionally, you can effectively categorize and simplify the information using sub-headings

How AI Presentations are helping experts:

LA Tonya Davis, speaker, writer, and CEO at TonyaDavis, emphasizes the need to identify what the target audience wants by saying, including a pre-survey that determines what your audience already knows and what they like to learn. It will make the AI presentation far more attractive to them.

According to TEDx speaker Darren Menabney, the best use of these AI presentation makers is to create individual slides rather than complete decks. AI can generate informative slides in mere minutes.


Step 2: Explore the features of WeSlides

Now that you are clear about what content can be included in the slides, instead of designing the PowerPoint presentation yourself, let AI do it for you.

Research shows that 45% of presenters struggle to develop creative slide layouts. You don’t have to be like them! Choose an AI presentation maker that can dazzle your audience.

The internet is bombarded with PowerPoint and AI presentation tools. 47 % of presenters take 8 hours to generate full PowerPoint slides. Does anyone have that much time?

No way!
Then invest that time in crafting compelling narratives and stories.

And let the AI presentation sweat for you!


When selecting the perfect AI presentation maker, ask yourself:

  • Does the AI presentation maker offer valuable and authentic data-driven insights?
  • Is it possible for presenters to customize informative slides quickly and efficiently?
  • Does the user-friendly interface allow quicker generation of slides?
  • Does it showcase an extensive range of templates?

The answer is YES!

WeSlides can help you generate informative presentations by crafting well-researched data-driven slides. Customized slides, tailored to your needs, are generated within seconds, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience. The user-friendly interface and a wide selection of pre-designed templates further enhance the aesthetics of your presentations


Step 3: Generate and organize content effectively using WeSlides

An artificial intelligence presentation maker works like a search engine, requiring only a keyword to generate thoroughly researched content.

Public speakers can use this material to create an informative outline and frequently deliver speeches, lectures, or presentations. The process of making the slides is super easy.

According to statistics, 63% remember stories, and 5% remember statistics. It is best to organize your informative slides around one-liner bullets, with each bullet containing exciting information to unfold.

We will walk you through a 5-minute speech presentation design step by step using WeSlides. This collection of original and well-researched informative slides, specifically tailored to generate informative presentations, will present accurate information.

Now let’s pick an informational speech example for our target audience. In this case, are university students.

The topic that we have chosen is “A piece of artwork, the Great Wall of China.”

3 Easy Steps to generate Content

On the Design Dashboard of WeSlides, in the tab “Generate a slide on,” write the keywords “A piece of artwork, the Great Wall of China.”.

Click on “Generate” and get ready for the magic. AI Presentation Maker will automatically generate a stunning, customizable slide in seconds.


It has generated factual information, enabling them to generate informative presentations. We have skillfully employed WeSlides’ organizational tools to structure the content logically and coherently, ensuring that our presentations are both engaging and enlightening.

Here, I have generated long content for every subheading. Later, I will show you how it can be used to create an entire speech and print it on Word.

Sub Topics drag drop

There is a list of subheadings that can be used to create an informative speech presentation on the topic on the right side of the WeSlides app. You can easily drag the sub-heading that interests you and is more relevant to you. Furthermore, with the option to generate informative presentations, you can simply select a subtopic and enter it as a keyword.

This innovative feature allows for an in-depth analysis of the chosen subtopic, resulting in a presentation that is not only interesting but also highly informative. By incorporating this functionality, WeSlides empowers users to effortlessly craft engaging presentations that captivate their audience and provide valuable insights.

Enter your own subtopic

If the AI-generated subtopics on the right side do not suit your taste to generate informative presentations, you can also add a custom subtopic. The advantage is that all you have to do is enter the subtopic, and AI will create the text to it. If the content does not satisfy you, you have the option to regenerate the text

Using the keyword “How was the China Wall constructed,” let’s generate another slide.


The informative speech outline for the Great Wall of China is complete!

By the end of the presentation, we should have a 5 minute informative speech if the presenter spends an average of 2 minutes on each slide.


Step 4: Leverage AI-powered features for enhanced presentations

Utilizing WeSlides’ automated slide creation for faster content generation, users can easily upload their content and transform it into a professional-looking presentation in minutes.

With many customizable templates and design options, WeSlides allows users to create visually appealing presentations tailored to their needs.

Using intelligent design suggestions and innovative formatting options, WeSlides ensures everything to generate informative presentations effortlessly with our user-friendly interface and powerful features..

Additionally, users can utilize this powerful AI tool to generate informative presentations, collaborating with others in real time and seamlessly sharing their work. Its versatile features make it suitable for a wide range of applications, both personal and professional


This AI presentation maker is free and has an extensive range of templates.

WeSlides provides dynamic features with a user-friendly interface to maximize the potential of your AI presentation maker. Explore each component to see which one will benefit you the most.

  • Set the tone: Choose between simple, formal, and creative. Informative presentations require a formal tone. To address the topic formally.
  • Template colors: choose from primary and secondary.
  • Length of the text: choose between a single liner (short) or a detailed paragraph (long) option.
  • Icons: allows you to add different bullets for each subheading


Step 5: Customize and refine your presentation

To customize your informative AI presentation, include a call to action at the end. Request your audience to take action or follow up on your presentation.

Ask them to connect through your newsletter, app, community, or by contacting you directly.

When we finished the slides, clicked the “output type” button on the right side, and selected “WORD” as the output type, the following Word document was generated. This can be easily copied and pasted into your documents, including Google Docs, to be added to your article!


When we clicked the export button, three options appeared: ppt, pdf, or copy Word. When exported to PDF, it produces the following results, making it completely compatible with Powerpoint.

The final presentation integrated with PowerPoint slides like magic! Customize the colors and fonts; you are ready to present like a pro.

The most significant advantage of WeSlides! Seamless integration of content

Once generated, the content can be exported to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canva, and LinkedIn, offering you the ability to effortlessly generate informative presentations.

Imagine creating an engaging and informative presentation that can be shared across your social media platforms, amplifying your message and driving traffic to your productions!


Step 6: Practice and deliver with confidence

Using the WeSlides slideshow tool to practice your presentation is an excellent way to ensure you are well-prepared for your upcoming speech.

Overall, using the WeSlides slideshow tool can ignite confidence and prepare you for presentations, while also serving as a valuable resource for practicing or improving your public speaking skills. It also helps generate informative presentations, enhancing your ability to captivate your audience and deliver compelling content.


You can improve your transition skills, effective communication, and audience interaction, to name a few, by using the WeSlides slideshow tool.

So, whether you’re an experienced presenter or a newbie, WeSlides can help you to generate informative presentations.


PRO Tips for Using WeSlides AI Presentation Maker!

Discove the top tips for maximizing the potential of AI presentation maker for

  • Keep the key message in mind as you design your slides.
  • Choose a pre-designed template that corresponds target audience.
  • Use concise text to support compelling stories.
  • Avoid using too many bullet points and long paragraphs.
  • To improve, share your AI PowerPoint slide with a friend or colleague.


There are different ways WeSlides Generated content can be used:

Because the output can be generated not only in PowerPoint format but also in Word format. You can do wonders with this AI-generated content. It can be used to:

  • Research: The generated content is accurate. If you’re unsatisfied, simply change the keyword and regenerate since it offers 1000 queries. It can be used to initiate research and as a solid base for an informative article.
  • Pdf: WeSlides allows you to generate output in pdf format, which is ideal if you want to distribute the slides to the audience as a reference material. It can also be used as a quiz or checklist to help improve audience retention.
  • Word: WeSlides can be generated as a word document, which is ideal for training purposes. The long output option generates informative content, which can also be included as support material in your articles if needed. As a result, the Word documents can be used as training portfolio material.
  • Share on social media platforms:This generated material is simple to copy and paste onto different social media platforms in your posts. This is a great way to remain in touch with the audience.



To wrap things up, this AI presentation maker is a lifesaver for intellectual speakers! The advantages of WeSlides for informative ppt are beyond words.

Choose a topic, identify your target market, and in just seconds, generate informative presentations’ outline for your engaging presentation. This powerful tool reinforces your informative content, providing you with a downloadable output in PDF and Word formats.

Take advantage of the premium features with your free trialtoday and follow our 7 steps to generate informative presentations with AI Presentation Maker. Try it out today and see the difference it can make!

Share your experience in the comments below.