5 Simple Steps to Create Presentation for Students Using AI

weslidesDavid Lavalle | 14 July, 2023


As a student, juggling between quizzes, assignments, and project presentations can be tedious. Are you also tired of boring presentation slides?


Spice up your presentations with AI-powered creativity!

Say goodbye to traditional slides and hello to AI PowerPoint presentation for students! Ignite creativity with WeSlides, the one-stop solution for AI-powered presentations designed to enhance student learning.

Presentations using artificial intelligence (AI) PowerPoint slides are more engaging, keep students’ attention, and leave a lasting impression on teachers (Psst…that means an A grade)!

Using AI tools for PowerPoint presentations simplifies enhanced visuals due to intelligent assistance. This article unlocks five simple steps to create a presentation for students using the AI website WeSlides!


What is WeSlides?

WeSlides offers cutting-edge technology to create AI presentation templates, such as general, educational, sales, and conferences.


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Prepare to wow your classmates and teachers with an engaging presentation for students by saving time on the design of the slides! The AI presentation builder, tailored specifically for student presentations, will generate authentic statistics and facts to include in your presentation.

The free AI presentation maker offers appealing layouts, colour schemes, and fonts to make your AI presentation look polished and captivating.


5 Simple Steps to Create Presentation Using WeSlides

PowerPoint is the most popular platform for creating presentations, with over 20.3 million 20.3 million people aged 16 or over in the UK have used it at some point (37.15% of those over 16).

Stop spending endless hours creating slides, because generative AI has revolutionized the process of making PowerPoint slides.

If you are concerned about a last-minute PowerPoint presentation and require more time to research content and create fancy slides,

No need to worry. This article will fully equip you with knowledge and tips on creative project presentations by using the best AI PowerPoint presentation maker.

This superior AI presentation maker provides a wide range of templates and generates unique content, making it the perfect tool for creating engaging presentation for students. Using WeSlides in PowerPoint, the following steps will show you how to start an AI presentation project.

Step 1: Define the topic for student presentations

  • Choosing the presentation topic for students
  • As a student, the initial and crucial step for you is to choose the topic for your presentation. Begin by addressing the pain point, or use a problem-solving approach.

    In schools, students can choose their own topic to improve their presentation skills. The first step is to look for interesting and engaging ideas for presentation for students.

  • Explore your interests.
  • Investigate your own interests and desires to generate presentation topics like hobbies, habits, or routines. Investigate the internet for presentation topics appropriate for students.

    If you are a college student, the instructor for a specific course will assign the presentation topics to each student.

    if you are a fresh graduate, you should use the AI presentation maker to create an impactful portfolio.

    However, when preparing a presentation for students, it’s crucial to consider and address important questions like, Why did you choose that particular topic for the presentation? What will be the expected outcome of the presentation? Why is it significant to talk about it in front of students? What actions or reactions do you anticipate from the student audience after receiving this valuable information?

  • Inspire and captivate the audience:
  • Make sure to choose inspiring topics for your presentation for students, including anything from national, international, political, technology, ethics, skills, curriculum-related, problem identification, or captivating subjects that resonate with their interests and academic growth.

    Investigating a hot topic is another way to keep the audience interested. Utilizing the questions in the title is a wise tactic.

    Be bold, think outside the box, and develop something new. Whether it’s a presentation for students or any other project, make sure whatever you choose is engaging and good enough to keep the viewers’ eyes rolling.

    While choosing the topic for an animated presentation, it is critical to consider the end goal, whether you are informing, persuading, inspiring, or entertaining your audience.

Step 2: Use AI Presentation Maker: WeSlides

AI-Powered Presentation Builder WeSlides uses AI capabilities to generate unique and engaging content. Learn about user-friendly presentation tools created specifically for students.

Sign up today and explore the features of free online tools for presentation for students, including the generation of AI content under each heading and subheading.

Now, using an example, we will demonstrate how to create a presentation for students using WeSlides:

  • Enter your key term or topic.
  • The content is produced using keywords. In the upper left corner, type the keyword you found during your step one research.

    This keyword will quickly generate visually appealing slides! Once you’ve hit generate, wait for the first slide to appear.


    In this case, when I typed “leadership in teams” on the WeSlides app, three subheadings with a brief description were generated.

    The order of the subheadings can also be changed as needed.

    When I hover the mouse over a subheading, the option to delete or regenerate the content appears if it does not meet the requirements.

    There are 6-7 more subheadings on the right side, providing ample options.

    Under the setting tab, there is an option to keep the text concise or detailed option. You can keep the text simple or have a deep explanation, as per your choice.

    The AI-generated content is authentic and updated.

  • Drag and drop subtopics.
  • The first slide, specifically designed as a captivating presentation for students, will now show up with three to four AI-generated subheadings. There is a list of 7-8 additional subheadings on the right side that you can add or swap out for the already generated ones.

    Alternatively, you can type the subheading to generate more data. You can similarly repeat the process to create as many slides as you need.

  • Selecting the Template
  • There are different formats to choose from at the bottom of the page under the hide templates tab.

    This AI presentation generator has a good collection of unique, pre-designed slides.

    For an engaging presentation for students, an aesthetic feel is achieved by arranging the data on each slide in various directions—horizontally, vertically, and inside particular shapes.

    The templates tab on the bottom can be hidden using the hide templates button, giving you more space to design your slides.


    Select vibrant hues to make the slides easier to read during your presentation for students, or go with black, white, grey, and blue to give them a more professional appearance.

    For each slide, you can select a different format. The slideshow transition will be visually appealing.

  • Writing Style
  • Students must understand the presentation requirements, especially when delivering information to their peers. The writing style should remain clear, enabling effective communication. To make a formal writing impression during a presentation for students, it is recommended to use the Trebuchet MS font.

Step 3: Examine the AI-generated Presentation

This AI presentation meets all of the requirements of presentation for students. It examines all of the content generated by AI algorithms before generating the text.

If you are dissatisfied with the results, try changing the keyword slightly to produce a more coherent text.

The first draft is generated in seconds, allowing you to focus on how to present the project rather than worrying about the slides’ text, design, or colour combinations.

Try some of your previously assigned presentation topics and compare how AI-generated PowerPoint can convey the message more dramatically.

  • Set the tone
  • WeSlides offers three alternatives: simple, formal, and creative. School and university presentations require a formal tone to address the topic formally.

    Tone, audience, and mood are all intertwined. It is critical to choose the right tone if you want to set the audience’s mood. The presentations should have a friendly tone, which can be achieved using words corresponding to the audience’s expectations and interests.


  • Template colours
  • To improve the appearance of the slides, there are two template colours to choose from: primary and secondary.

    Choosing the right colour influences the audience’s retention and overall learning mood.

    Determine which font colour will complement each slide, and carefully select the colours.

  • Length of text
  • Regarding design, the presentation slide should adhere to the 7/7/7 rule. It is one of the most effective methods for determining if the text is engaging.

    The rule is that each slide should have a maximum of 7 words per line, with only 7 lines per slide for a total 7 slides.

    This rule ensures that the presentation’s speaking time is not too long to sound boring or too short to miss out on the important message.

  • Delete or regenerate
  • Examine the AI-generated presentation; if you don’t like it, regenerate it. Don’t worry, you have 1000 queries for the month.

  • Icons
  • The above slide shows an icon option, an extra feature that allows you to add different bullets for each sub-heading, improving the readability of the slides.

Step 4: Customize and Finalize

  • Slide show
  • At each stage of presentation development, a slideshow must be run to determine the overall look of each slide.

    It is preferable to play the slideshow to see how it will appear to the audience. It is also easier to understand the transition effects between slides.

  • Output format
  • The generated slides can be downloaded in pdf and ppt formats using the export button.

    The text can also be copied and pasted into Google Docs, another presentation, or even a text editor to create a LinkedIn post!


    The finished slide text was copied into Canva in the example above to be shared on any social media platform.

  • Finalize Presentation with Personal Touches
  • After reviewing and implementing AI-suggested slide enhancements, give your slides a personal touch.

    To ensure the audience understands the purpose of the presentation, emphasize the key takeaways. Mention them as a conclusion on the final slide.

    Examine each slide to ensure it adheres to the content. Include any images, videos, or text that may help improve the presentation’s overall quality.

    A flashy ending can also be achieved with satire or a small joke.

Step 5: Tips for good presentation for students

As a student, it is critical to excel in the classroom, but it is equally crucial to excel in presentation for students. They serve as preparation for future professional lives, providing valuable opportunities to showcase knowledge and communicate ideas effectively. Take a look at the following pro advice to enhance your presentation skills:

  • Engaging Introduction
  • Now that the popular AI presentation maker has generated the final draft for the presentation for students, the task is to deliver that presentation confidently. Confidence is built by beginning with an engaging introduction that includes a captivating story or an important statistic.

  • Clear Organization and Structure
  • The most significant advantage of using AI to generate PowerPoint presentations is the clear structure and flow of the content.

    The most significant advantage of using AI to generate PowerPoint presentations is the clear structure and flow of the content.


  • Smooth Delivery and Body Language
  • Concise and clear communication is essential for a smooth delivery in front of a large audience.

    Try out different gestures, facial expressions, and body movements.

  • Practice and Rehearse
  • It is critical to practice, practice, practice!

    Mock presentations in front of the mirror can help you gain confidence and control over your body language.

  • Engage with the Audience
  • Effective use of voice and tone during the presentation is critical for engaging the audience, especially when delivering a presentation for students.

    Another outstanding method is asking a direct question when forming an opinion about the presentation or discussing the key takeaways.


Why choose WeSlides?

If you want to ace your final project, use the AI-powered presentation tool to help you rock confidently.

You can create visually appealing slides from plain text with just a few clicks, making it an ideal tool for creating engaging presentation for students. Compared to other AI presentation makers, WeSlides has the following advantages:

Feature WeSlides Other AI Presentation Maker
Wide Selection of Templates Yes Yes
Free trial Available Limited or no trial option
Premium features Free access Limited access without payment
Personalised content free Limited options
High quality content AI generated authentic May vary
Customer Support Responsive Depending on the provider
User friendly interface Yes May require technical knowledge


Final Verdict

It’s fair to say that WeSlides’ AI-generated presentations are a blessing for students’ academic pursuits.

The time and effort saved by creating an entire slide with just one keyword is significant. Presentation for students become even more captivating when utilizing the power of AI. Creating engaging AI presentation for students in just 5 simple steps using the AI website: WeSlides.com is marvelous.

Start your free trial today to learn about the advantages of incorporating AI into your presentations.

Are you ready to spice up your next presentation with our free AI maker? Let us know how it transformed your presentation in the comments below.