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Create a business idea presentation with an AI presentation maker!

Asif Ahmed | 9 June, 2023


You have got an idea in your head (cha-ching) and you can picture the whole thing in your mind. You can see yourself working day and night and you can also imagine the massive success you will gain from it. But there’s a problem! You don’t have a business idea presentation yet!

Before starting out by working in the sun, you need to make sure that you have some of the vital components of your business idea presentation ready! All you need to do is use anAI-based presentation maker and you will get a clear picture of where to get started!

What is a business idea presentation?

Not everyone's a billionaire and not everyone has the resources to just start working on their Business Idea Presentation by hiring multiple professionals, securing grants or warrants, and automatically accessing the required tools/material.

Here is where you need to have a strategic, informing, and potentially successful business idea pitch presentation because you need to attract investors, sponsors, stakeholders, or even your partners to come on board with you.

No need to worry because after reading this blog, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge and tips on creative business presentation ideas by using none other than the best AI PowerPoint presentation maker

How to start working on a business idea presentation?

A lot of things are scrambled up in your mind, but you need to lay them down in the form of words, drafts, and documents. You should be able to brainstorm and jot down all your objectives and then start by following the structure below.

Be clear about your ideas.

Identify the problem that you need to work on and come up with a variety of ways to present it. You should be able to target the problem and be prominent in how it differs from other businesses.

Also, you should be keen on using simple sentences and easy-to-understand language. It is essential that you keep away from any complex structures, so your audience has no problem understanding the issue being discussed.

Don’t drift away from the key concepts. Make sure that all the branching objectives are relevant and in pursuit of the original root cause.

Prioritize goals in the order of their importance.

You need to know which things need to be executed first. However, to make a correct analysis you need to keep in mind their relevance with time, energy constraints, availability of resources, and their links with each other.

Some goals need to be achieved first in order to start working on others. Thus, you can use the Eisenhower Matrix to make a strategic plan and execute it efficiently.

You can also begin by breaking down the larger components of the plan and putting different teams on each case to complete it in less time. However, if you are working alone, you should tackle the easier component first and then gradually get to the difficult part of the job.

It is also advisable to keep on reviewing and analyzing the goals as you complete, so to prevent a jumble of re-evaluations in the end making you confused and irritated landing you in the middle of nowhere.

Gather essential resources.

Gathering resources for your business Idea Presentation does not only mean that you have a laptop with you and a slide projector but also all the information about your project.

You should have plenty of research material which includes events, statistics, facts, data analysis, and the kind of money it will need for the presentation.

Beyond these considerations, it's important to bolster your material with detailed descriptions, summaries, or explanations. Incorporating text-based analogies and examples in the business Idea Presentation can also help to keep your audience engaged and ensure they grasp the information being shared.

Once you have all the resources, you can start building your business idea presentation template.

How can an AI presentation maker be used to build an effective business idea presentation?

AI that makes ppt presentation easy for us. All we need to do is utilize it effectively and no one can stop us from creating a terrific and eye-catching business idea presentation!

Imagine being late to work and being asked to pitch at the last moment. All you have is the afternoon, but the day gets saved by the best free ai presentation maker you know and it impresses your boss on your work efficiency.

So, how to make it work?


We are lucky to have an Select a relevant template.

Although there are tons of relevant templates online, they won’t assist you in the creation of a stellar business idea presentation by providing ideas, references, or advice. Using an AI tool like WeSlides would. Here, you have a variety of templates to choose from in the premium package specifically designed for business idea presentations.

You can choose any one of these templates keeping in mind your audience, their preferences, the emotional value of your project, visual aspects, functionality, and a structure that well defines your journey in capturing your target goals.

Choose attractive colors.Whenever you think about a PowerPoint presentation, only the colors orange and white come to your mind. Don’t they?

Imagine having to use only a handful of colors for all types of topics. In addition to it making no difference between various topics, your audience will also never be captivated with a monotonous scheme.

So, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful color templates provided for your business plan presentation ideas.

It should be noted that colors need to be selected on the basis of your topic of concern. Avoid using black and brown together, as they can cause a hindrance to the one sitting at the back.

Be sure to use only two or three colors at most, no one likes to see a rainbow colored theme in one slide and then sharp blues and oranges in another. Except for it being misleading, it also takes away the essence of your project.

Colors play a very important role in attracting your audience, so use them wisely to create a connection between you and your listeners .

Enhance with visuals.

Text, text, and text. If that’s all you can put in your AI based business idea presentation then you need to do some re-evaluation.

Everyone likes to look at a book with pictures in it. And it takes a lot of interest and attention-grabbing lines on the first page to make some of these people keep reading. However, you need all the attention in this scenario and there is no better way to present it than putting in a bunch of visuals.

Add high-quality images that speak a thousand words. You can also talk about these images instead of putting them in bullet points on your slide.

Present statistical data in the form of graphs or pie charts so your audience has no confusion in absorbing the information you are providing.

Transition from one slide to another by using the 3D tools provided on even add a voice automated action which can further captivate your audience. Not only will this prove you to be a skilled professional but keep them impressed.

Personalize the whole document.

The best thing about utilizing a business idea presentation via an AI PowerPoint maker is that it can be personalized according to your needs.

You can add or customize the font, color scheme, templates, structure, logos or brand name, animations, and even your own images/graphics to make your business idea presentation as unique as possible.

You don’t have to stick to one type of template or given color schemes but can use this AI technology to improvise and re-create your business idea presentation into a more creative product.

What to add to a business idea presentation?

Here are some helpful tips from which you can incorporate your ideas into a business idea presentation in a better and more effective way.

Introduce your Business.

Some people don’t know what a hydraulic machine is. Some people have no idea about essential oils which can boost immunity. Similarly, some of us are still oblivious to modern-day parenting techniques. That’s why you need to introduce their meaning right from the start.

Don’t just start by laying out your goals, objectives and devising a plan or technique but begin with a slide which explains or defines your product/idea/project.

It can be a one-word explanation, a single sentence or even a picture. However, you are the one that needs to establish a well-versed meaning with the people you are talking to.

Tell a story.

Did you have a dream about it? Did you go through some trauma? Was it a symbolic expression which you discovered? Or do you want to create opportunities you didn’t get to have?

Adding personal value to a project is always a good idea to build a connection. You can either start off with a story to introduce your topic or portray your experience in a way that adds meaning to your ideas.

It will not only highlight your vision but also shed light on your determination which can be an advantage when you want to attract potential buyers, consumers or investors.

What problems will it solve?

Start off by introducing your problems in the first slide.

Next, you can add relevant case studies or events that are proof of why we need to launch this business idea. You can also pin-point the negative impacts and losses which people bear due to the absence of this idea.

Articulate the possible benefits and future prospects that will be gained after implementing your business idea.

You can also compare the process of problem-solving with that of your competitors to provide more effective methods.

Inform them about the equipment and pricing needed.

Whether you need kitchen aids, tractors, beauty products, cash registers, laptops, printing machines, examination tools, shelves, stationery items, a truck-cart, or maybe cement for a construction site for your business idea presentation. You need to mention all of these items on one slide.

You can also divide them into different categories and place each item with its pricing requirements under each heading.

However, be sure to make it clear with no hidden charges and give a well-versed rounded figure to your audience at the end of this particular slide.

How will you execute your plan?

If you don’t have a plan, then you won’t be granted a project.

You need to devise a strategic plan in accordance with time constraints, financial stability, performance of your team and location of the business.

Be sure to highlight all of these factors in accordance with each other while maintaining the order of which they will be executed on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

Be adamant about adding a goal-oriented plan which ticks off each task moving forward.

Who are your competitors?

You should have a complete analysis of how your competitors operate.

This can feature a slide with a list of names of your competitors and the date of their establishment.

Next, you can highlight the monthly or yearly production, consumption and profit of all the companies one by one on each slide.

While skimming through these, be sure to explain how your business or project is better in terms of cost efficiency, time availability and better results all over.

What will be the role of your team members?

You can be a one-man army or have a team of group members who are there to help you move closer to your goals. However, even if you have the best strategic plan in the world, you won’t be able to execute it effectively if you don’t assign tasks individually or team wise.

For example, you can discuss the team members assigned for price capping, production, being in charge of utilities and materials, PR management, and even marketing.

Discuss the expected results.

This is going to be the most important slide of all. You should be able to analyze the expected results by the end of your whole business idea presentation.

You can address the revenue this business will generate, talk about success stories, lessons that can be learned through this model, the impact on different people (stakeholders, employees, consumers, etc), and all the possible benefits.

Get a second opinion before you present your business idea presentation.

You can always talk to your employers, friends, co-workers or even go through various guides online to make sure you are on the right track. There is no shame in making changes to your business idea presentation because it is for the greater good.

Hand out a feedback report to your audience after or during your business idea presentation.

You will see for yourself how an effective AI slide presentation maker will work wonders for you but you should always opt for positive/negative feedback . It helps you evaluate your ideas and present them in a much-enhanced way the next time.

So be sure to hand out a survey form or just some questionnaires which can guide you about the mistakes you made and help you work on weaker points.


Lastly, don’t forget to publish your AI based ppt online and establish its location with your audience. Give them a thorough recap so they can ask any questions they have in mind. You can also describe how investors and benefactors can reach you. Conclude with grace and be sure to answer all questions.


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